Elite Tenis Club Roadmap










When we started the Elite Tennis Club project we were passionate about tennis. We added will to my passion for tennis.
Thus, on October 13, 2013, with the emotion of a tennis match, we opened the gates of the Elite Tennis Club.
The first stage meant 4 outdoor courts, two of which were covered during the winter with a balloon.

indoor tennis court

The time has come when we wanted to see an evolution, to offer players a high class experience. Thus we started and finished the construction of a tennis court covered all year round by 4 courts, reaching a total number of 8 courts on clay. It was a complex project that made us ambitious with every challenge.

Complementary performance support
The passion for tennis has turned over the years into a passion for performance. The legitimate players at our club rewarded us with excellent results.
We understood the needs of the players for a complete range of training, therefore we decided in 2020 to invest and complete the gym for physical training and specialised personal development. Thus, Elite Tennis Club players enjoy all the necessary support for maximum performance.

Next steps
The impulse due to the performance of Elite Tennis Club players makes us think in advance about new investments, so as to meet the specific needs of this extremely complex sport, where we need excellent physical training, sustained training and a high morale.
The involvement continues, and the perfect understanding of the needs of tennis makes us look confidently at results that demonstrate every day the performance of each person involved in this club, whether it is players, coaches or staff.